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As a leader in paid-television technology, DISH continues to innovate its products and services year after year. We're proud to be a regular mainstay at the annual Consumer Electronics Show and this year is no different. It's been a busy year for us and we're as excited as ever to announce our new innovations at CES. Take a look at some of our latest developments that can make your television experience easier.

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4k Joey


Coming Soon! If you're a DISH customer, you're probably already familiar with our line of Joey receivers. These devices sync with the Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR to deliver your programming to other televisions throughout your home. In previous years, we've released Joey devices with wireless functionality, extra tuners and HD picture. This year at CES, there's a new member in the family of Joey receivers, the 4K Joey.

The 4K Joey is a next-generation receiver that will deliver the most crystal-clear picture in 4K for compatible televisions. To those without 4K televisions,-: no worries. The 4K Joey isn't limited to 4K televisions, so its sleek and simple design should be compatible with your television as well.

Including Bluetooth® and Picture-in-Picture, the 4K Joey will provide the absolute best in picture quality for your home entertainment. As the first of its kind to incorporate native Bluetooth support, the 4K Joey will make it easier than ever to connect to your other electronics. The 4K Joey is also the thinnest receiver available from DISH, making it easy to mount and hide behind any flat screen TV.

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Coming Soon! The Hopper Voice Remote is a brand new touchpad remote that allows for the most user-friendly navigation with the Hopper. The Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR is what makes many of the advanced features of DISH possible. It has an industry-leading 2 terabyte hard drive capable of storing more than 2,000 hours of your favorite sitcoms, sports and movies. The Hopper Voice Remote makes navigating through everything the Hopper offers that much easier.

Without the need to constantly look at your remote, the Hopper Voice Remote allows for a seamless experience with the Hopper. The remote features Hopper voice control, an advanced voice-recognition technology that allows you to quickly and easily search for your favorite programming. The clickable touchpad further simplifies browsing through your television content as well.

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*Recording hours vary; 2,000 hours based on SD programming.

Hopper Voice Remote
Carbon UI


Coming Soon! Carbon UI, the new Hopper interface, brings you a whole new and easier way to watch TV by making it easier to find and choose your favorite movie, show or program. More so than any previous operating system, Carbon UI streamlines the navigation of your TV content into a more enjoyable experience. With an intelligent user experience, Carbon UI doesn't just help you watch TV, it learns how you watch TV and adapts accordingly. The future is now with DISH.


A new partnership between DISH and Netflix lets you enjoy your favorite programming more conveniently than ever before. For the first time, you can access a Netflix application on the Hopper to immediately enjoy the great Netflix library of shows and movies. Eliminate the need to switch pesky television inputs when alternating between the two services. This feature will be available for customers with Hopper set-top boxes and will be coming out on our Joeys later in 2015.

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*Requires Netflix subscription. Sold separately.



Coming Soon! Just announced at this year’s CES is Whole-Home Music from DISH. Whole-Home Music offers a more complete streaming experience throughout your entire home. DISH has partnered with iHeart, Pandora and TuneIn to provide a single source for the best that these services offer.

Stream live radio stations and shows, even make your own custom radio with iHeart. Pandora is your gateway to personalized radio that plays the type of music you’re looking for. TuneIn offers over a massive collection of radio stations and podcasts that feature music, news, sports and much more. Explore the world of streaming content with Whole-Home Music from DISH.


Coming Soon! Lose yourself in today’s hits like never before with VEVO on DISH. Listening to your music may never get old, but with VEVO there’s much more to enjoy. Explore an immense library of music videos and performances from the most popular artists around. Stream videos and original shows of your favorite songs and artists, even find new music by channels and recommendations. With VEVO on DISH, your world of music will never be the same.



Coming Soon! As one of our most popular features, DISH Anywhere is about to get even better. This mobile television app lets you manage and access your DVR content wherever you go. On top of that, you can even watch live TV wherever you have a WiFi or 3G/4G/LTE connection. This year at CES we decided to make DISH Anywhere even more personalized.

Featuring personalized user interfaces and specific programming recommendations, you’ll see programming that’s related to what you enjoy. Even create a profile dedicated to safe content and child-specific content ratings. Make the most out of your time, even while on the go with DISH Anywhere.


Watch all your live TV channels and DVR recordings anywhere. The free DISH Anywhere app allows you to access your Hopper and thousands of On Demand TV shows and movies on your iPad, Android tablet or other mobile device. No Internet? No problem. Transfer recorded shows to watch even without an Internet connection.


Coming Soon! Never again do you have to be concerned about finding something good to watch with DISH Explorer! Featuring a new user interface with custom profiles announced at CES, DISH Explorer helps make navigating through your programming a breeze. Discover popular shows and movies or receive personalized recommendations based off what you like to watch. Even access your Hopper with your iPad to browse channels and manage your DVR. Through advanced search, you can pinpoint live TV, DVR and on-demand programs with your iPad’s keyboard instead of the remote! Engage with your favorite programs online on social media while letting your friends know what you’re watching.


  • Want to discover new movies and TV shows? Just ask. The DISH Explorer app for iPad not only responds to your questions and voice commands, but also recommends programs you'll love.

  • Want to watch a channel? "Go to Food Network." Can't remember an actor's name? "Who plays Rick on The Walking Dead?" Want to access recorded content? "What's on my DVR?"

  • Ready to watch? Simply touch your iPad and the Hopper or Joey will begin playing your selection on the TV. You can also share your discoveries with friends on Facebook® and Twitter®.
Sling TV


Sling TV is an over-the-top, live television service that delivers sports, lifestyle and family channels to your favorite viewing devices: TVs, tablets, computers and smartphones, coming soon to game consoles. At only $20 per month, no commitment, no contract, no credit check, no installation and no hidden fees, it’s the perfect way for those who have cut the cord or never had it to begin with to get the best of live cable, including ESPN, ESPN2, TNT, TBS, Food Network, HGTV, Cartoon Network and Disney Channel. Coming soon, Sling TV will also offer the best of Internet video. Go to for more details.