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DISH Cinema

It's time to do away with long lines, late fees and overpriced theater tickets. Catch up on all the latest Hollywood hits and classics without any hassle on DISH Cinema.

On Demand

You don't need to drive to the theater to experience the magic of the big screen. With On Demand movies on DISH, your remote becomes a ticket to the latest blockbusters and timeless classics. Whether you're in the mood to laugh or cry your heart out, DISH On Demand is the easiest way to get your movie fix. The best part? You can watch the movie for up to two days and you don't even need to leave your living room.

Available before DVD and red-carpet releases

DISH Cinema gets you access to select titles before they're available on Redbox® and same day they are available in theaters. Browse through the latest box office smashes long before you see them available on DVD. If you're in the mood for comedies, action, family or any other genre, DISH Cinema has you covered. You can even watch some of the biggest films in crystal-clear HD picture with compatible television sets.


All Day DISH Ticket for PPV Movies allows you to watch your selected movie for up to 24 hours as many times as you like. Never do you have to hear the term "late fees" again, and you can forget about annoying late-night drop-offs to the rental store. Starting at Ch. 500.

Beyond movies

If you're not feeling like watching a movie tonight, you can tune in to the biggest sporting events. Take back control of your entertainment and start experiencing the luxury of DISH PPV today.