DISH Technology

With an incredible range of features and products, DISH puts you in the driver's seat of your television. No matter what the situation, our innovative satellite TV technology provides the most enjoyable experience possible. Check out some of the technological advances that make a DISH television experience like no other:


Being on the go doesn't have to be boring anymore. With DISH Anywhere, you'll be able to access your programming from anywhere. Turn your tablet, smartphone or laptop into a television and watch any of your live channels, DVR recordings or On-Demand titles with the push of a few buttons. Say goodbye to downtime.

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Where other internet services fall short, dishNET satellite internet reaches farther. Enjoy the unbound freedom of satellite internet where other providers fail to provide service.

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Ever wish you had instant replay with live TV? It's easy to watch any part of a show again with DISH's advanced receiver and DVR technology. With ample hard drive space for storing recordings, picture in picture viewing and Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound capabilities, DISH offers a package like none other.

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Most of the time we find ourselves away from our televisions. Between battling through the to-do lists, working and catching up with our loved ones, it's safe to say we're busy people. Amidst all of this, downtime can happen. Whether during your commute or while waiting, your time is valuable, don't waste it. Choose from a variety of applications, features and equipment that give you the power to access your entertainment whenever you feel like it.


Our completely free mobile apps let you control your DVR from anywhere with our Sling technology and Internet access. As long as you're somewhere with a Wi-Fi network or have access to a 3G or 4G connection, you'll be able to access all of your DVR programming and watch live television! DISH is the only provider that lets you watch and manage all of your content both in-home and on-the-go! Learn more!

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TV On the Go

Technology today is evolving in many facets of our lives, especially in entertainment. It seems as if television technology is constantly improving, and today DISH is at the forefront of these advances. With DISH, you can free your television to take it with you wherever you go. Whether on your mobile device or on a television that is tagging along on a trip, DISH is making limitless entertainment a reality.

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Television isn't trapped inside the confines of your home anymore. With the Tailgater from DISH, you can bring your service anywhere. Portable and lightweight at only 10 pounds, the Tailgater makes the perfect addition to any camp out, cookout or tailgate.

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No matter what your day brings, there will be times when you can't access a 3G/4G signal or Wi-Fi. When this happens, don't leave your entertainment in the dark. Learn how you can be free to enjoy your favorite shows and movies anytime on your mobile device with Hopper Transfers!

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Life's too short for commercials. Cut through the advertisements of some of your favorite programming with commercial-free TV with DISH. Learn how you can save yourself some time and enjoy more of your favorite shows!

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Your TV is what you make of it. Why settle for anything less? DISH offers the best TV experience with the most advanced technology, features and picture quality. With an extensive selection of packages available to choose the type of programming you want, you can expect to get the best TV service for you. Take a look at some of the features that help take your TV experience to the next level. Did we mention that we're also the best value in the industry?


A touchdown pass, a wild giraffe, a blazing volcano... some things are simply better in focus. DISH offers over 200 high-definition channels to make your viewing experience a memorable one. Our on-air programming guide will lead you right to over 200 HD channels that are featured on DISH (r).

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Make your viewing experience as real as possible with 3D technology. Whether you're watching the latest horror flick or animals in a far-off land, get as close to the action as possible with 3D programming.

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Just because you're watching one TV doesn't mean you need to limit yourself to one channel. Whether you're accommodating others or want to keep tabs on other games, Picture in Picture from DISH has your back.

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If you can think of it, there's probably an app for that. DISH Network offers an incredible array of TV applications to heighten your viewing experience. Whether you're trying to check the scores of your favorite teams, get the latest news or just kick back with a cool game, our suite of applications make for an enjoyable and personalized experience.

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Sometimes all that's separating us from our favorite shows is simply finding the remote. At times, it seems that the remote has completely disappeared all together, perhaps even into another dimension within your couch. Imagination aside, our Remote Finder feature turns this sometimes daunting task into a simple process. Make finding your remote a breeze with DISH's Remote Finder!

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