Hopper DVR

You should be able to watch what you want, where you want and when you want to. With today's technology, why should there be any limitations to our entertainment? That's why we offer the Hopper, the industry-leading HD DVR. Enjoy the ability to be in complete control of your television, both in home and on the go. There's a reason why the Hopper has won more awards than any other whole-home HD DVR on the market. Well, there's quite a few reasons actually.

*Monthly fees apply: Hopper, $12; Joey, $7; Super Joey, $10.


When it comes to storage space, we understand that you can never have enough for your favorite programming. Luckily for you, that's never an issue that you'll have to worry about with the Hopper. Despite its small, stylish design, the powerful Hopper can store over 2,000 hours of your favorite shows and movies. No longer do you need to constantly micromanage your DVR or delete an old favorite to make room for something new. Plus, you can even skip commercials when you watch recordings of some of your favorite prime time programming with PrimeTime Anytime. Other competitor's DVRs simply can't compete with the Hopper. Feel free to compare Hopper and DirecTV's Genie for yourself.

*Commercial skip feature is available at varying times, starting the day after airing, for select primetime shows on ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC recorded with PrimeTime Anytime. Recording hours vary; 2000 hours based on SD programming. Monthly fees apply.


Our whole-home DVR technology means that you'll never have to argue over what recording to watch again. The Hopper allows you to record as many as eight shows at once, so everyone can save their favorite programming. Better yet, it gives you the ability to play back recordings from any room in your house. This way, everyone can get to their favorite programming whenever the time is right.

*Requires Super Joey to record 8 programs at once:Record ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC plus four additional channels.Additional fee applies

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Of course there are always ways to make your Hopper even more powerful. With Sling technology you'll be able to enjoy your recorded content on either your smartphone, tablet or laptop whenever you want. You can also outfit your home with Joey, Super Joey or Wireless Joey to record, store and watch even more programming.

*Monthly fees apply: Hopper, $12; Joey, $7; Super Joey, $10. Watching live and recorded TV anywhere requires an Internet-connected, Sling-enabled DVR and compatible mobile device.

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