Some people say that you need learn to take the good with the bad. These people have likely never experienced AutoHop from DISH. AutoHop gives you the power to skip commercials during some of your favorite television shows at your own leisure.


Some people like watching commercials but we have a hunch that most people don't. To skip commercials during your favorite primetime shows with AutoHop, just wait a day to view those programs. Watching select programming from ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC a day after it airs will cause an automatic prompt from AutoHop asking if you'd like to skip commercials for the remainder of the program. Freedom from advertisements - now that's something worth waiting for.


What would you do with some extra time each day? Would you spend more time with the family? Maybe get those errands finally done? No matter what your answer is, your free time will really start to add up with AutoHop. For example, a sitcom without commercials takes just 21 minutes and an hour-long program takes only 43. Save yourself some time and try AutoHop.


AutoHop is supposed to save you time which is why it's simple to use. When you choose to watch certain shows recorded with PrimeTime Anytime through your DVR menu, you'll receive an automatic AutoHop prompt. To make things even easier, the Hopper logo will appear on all Primetime Anytime recordings where the AutoHop feature is available.

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